Boterekwa Marathon (BM) propose to reorganize and bring back to life the spirit athletics activities in the midlands, specifically Shurugwi by introducing an annual marathon from Shurugwi to Gweru, in a responsible and sustainable manner, that will see a significant improvement in talent development in Zimbabwe as described below. Midland used to host a lot of athletics being organised by the mining company ZIMASCO and the competition was very exiting even for the communities within the surrounding areas. This event was hosted at Pick mine once every year.

Boterekwa Marathon was founded in 16 May 2011 and By a consulting company Sefudi Trading under Sefudi Group Ltd which is a group of companies.

The Marathon is to be held 25 May of each year .It is to be run on a one day period, between Shurugwi and Gweru in the Midlands. Sefudi Group Ltd is a Private Limited Company that is promoting and hosting this event in the Midlands area of Zimbabwe. Our principal office is located at Shurugwi Town.

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