Boterekwa Marathon

Event Information

The Boterekwa Marathon is the Marathon named after a winding road build between the mountain in the beautiful Scenic Shurugwi used to be known as Selukwe Scenic. A town and administrative centre in Midlands Province, southern Zimbabwe, located about 350km south of Harare; population 16,138 (Central Statistical Office, Zimbabwe. Census of Population, 1992. Harare: Government Printer).

The town was established in 1899 on Selukwe goldfield, which itself was discovered in the early 1890s not long after the annexation of Rhodesia by the Pioneer Column. The district remains an important centre for gold and chrome mining.

Boterekwa Marathon is the first Marathon to be held in Shurugwi and Gweru .The Marathon will be held in the midlands of Zimbabwe 5hrs drive from Beitbridge Border between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The marathon will be from Shurugwi Town previously known as Selukwe at the Musasa Conner to Gweru Previously know as (Gwelo) . Boterekwa Marathon (BM) rules and guidelines are intended to help direct the event, to ensure the safety of all participants, to meet the requirements of local government permits and to be compliant with applicable National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe (NAAZ) and International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) regulations for participant performance records and event liability.

Boterekwa Marathon Event will inject the spirit of sport in the Midlands province job creation and tourism magical atmosphere.

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