Race Expo Vendor

If you are a vendor who is interested in marketing at the Boterekwa Marathon Expo & Exhibition , please contact us at info@boterekwamarathon.com for more information. Boterekwa Marathon Expo & Exhibition date, time,venue and directions will soon be announced.

Request for Space

Receipt of the attached Exhibitor Contract does not guarantee space in the Race Expo. Boterekwa Marathon reserves the right to refuse applications deemed inappropriate for the Expo.

You will be emailed your confirmed booth space(s). The contract and rules governing the Boterekwa Marathon Race Expo exists between the Exhibitor named on the contract and the Boterekwa Marathon Organizing Committee.

Assignment of Space

Booth assignments for the Race Expo will be made when payment is received and is on a first come, first serve basis. If none of the spaces requested are available, Expo Coordinator may allocate another space.

Food Service

In order to distribute prepared on-site food or beverage of any kind you must obtain permission from the Expo Coordinator and a Temporary Food Service Permit from the Health Department.

Cancellation of Exhibit Space

Cancellations must be made in writing. Any company that gives notification a month before the event will receive a refund of 50%, No refunds will be given after that.

Use of Exhibit Space

Exhibit space is to be used solely for the display of the Exhibitor’s products and services offered for sale or information. Exhibitors are not permitted to sublet any portion of their space or to display merchandise of other manufacturers or distributors where no direct business exists between them. All exhibits must be of such a nature as to not obstruct the view or interfere with exhibits of others. No exhibit material may extend beyond the boundaries of the exhibit space.